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2019/11/04 As of today, I will cease to make music as Shitwiz and related pseudonyms. I don't like the name anymore and the alias is usually related to breakcore/lolicore, which I no longer (almost never) make. I will still release music on netlabels under different names. Although I deleted my soundcloud, most of the tracks found there are available on various releases. The download links will still on the "Releases" page unless the links/label die for some reason. Thank you very much for listening to Shitwiz.
2019/10/28 New release on Tsundere Violence: Shitwiz - Apprehension Loops! The download link is available on the releases page. Each track was arranged live in renoise by unmuting/muting channels and playing with fx.
2019/10/01 Added some new pages and removed the big soundcloud button. The Noise page will have download links to new and previously unreleased noise tracks. The About/Links page has my contact info and soundcloud accounts, as well as my friend's websites.
2019/09/30 New site layout! Removed the recommended music section (might add something similar later), added news to the home page and re-organized the releases page. All news and info on Shitwiz related releases will be posted here. New pages and minor adjustments are coming as well.
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